Photographers Part II

Some of the photographers replied. Except for two. I guess they must be busy. Can’t think of any other photographers. Any recommendation?

Sejoli by apparatus is still at the top of our list. The rest of the photographers are either over our budget or not up to our expectation.

Texted Fizah a few days ago and she replied a few minutes later. She provided me with the packages and apologised profusely for not getting back at me. I understand the position she’s in. I can’t blame her. Helmindra and his cousin, Pippi are talented photographers and they have to tend the café too.

Maybe I can share with you a few of their photos.


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In terms of the services they provide and the cost of it. It’s still the best.

I’m thinking of event day photography and videography by them and pre-wedding photoshoot by Bliss Photo+Cinema. (Still waiting for their reply) Why am I putting so much hassle hiring two photographers? Because I’ll save $300 if I hire Bliss for my pre-wedding photoshoot!


Photography dilemma!

7 months left and we still haven’t book our photographer yet.

HTB, for some reason is very particular about photography. He isn’t worried about anything else and allows me to make the final decision except for this.

I enquired from 7 photographers a few minutes ago and now all I have to do is wait and pray that the quotation won’t shock me to death.

Some of the photographers are Studiodua Boutique Photography, Bliss photo+cinema, TheProjectPixel Photography, Ministry of Moment, Azfian Anuar Photography, An Analog Affair and HMP.

Frankly speaking, we have been liaising with Sejoli by Apparatus. Their photos are magnificent. They capture great moments and it’s perfect. They are very friendly folks and also an old friend to HTB. But, to me, I feel that they have been very focus on their cafe that it might not be easy for them to put in as much effort in their photography. I mean, if it was me, I don’t think I could juggle two major businesses. Their cafe, Rouse on Dunlop, is doing very well. We went there before and the place is so beautiful, food is really delicious!

Oh man! I feel so bad.

Something in me feels that I should choose someone that will make me happy and satisfied. Someone that I could rely on.

Therefore, I shall follow my gut feeling and source out all the ‘power’ photographers first.

Wish me luck!

Mistakes Brides/Grooms make when relaying their message in their wedding video

I’ve not been posting for so long. Not because I was busy (stupidest excuse). Truth is I don’t really have a firm reason why. Guess, I’m not too sure what I should write about. Nothing comes into my head. It’s blank.

Today, I’m writing about wedding video don’ts.

I came across a video I watched with my fiancé last night. I shall not name who because I do not wish to tarnish their reputation. Their photo + video package is irresistible. It’s like $2,500. Their DVD cover is pretty good. Their photos are not so bad either. Good angle, no cheesy couple pose and their editing skills aren’t so bad. It sure is value for money. NOW, what I’m not fine about is the fact that the videographer does not take an initiative to take 2, 3 or even more if needed when the Bride/Groom makes their speech.

It’s not once or twice that I heard the Bride/Groom making bad speeches. I’ve seen quite a number. When I say bad I mean not being able to answer simple questions like why you love him/her. Frankly speaking, if you think you might not be able to speak English properly I’d suggest sticking to bahasa Melayu that would have sound better. I mean I would make my video speech in Malay. Maybe. My bahasa melayu I feel, sounds rough.

I don’t blame it all on the poor Bride/Groom. Takes two to clap! I’m sure the videographer heard it too. Would it take a lot of time if they make a take again so it can be close to perfect? At least. Or should I come up with the conclusion that the videographer’s English is as bad?

It’s sad. Because, when I watch those videos I feel that it could be done 10 times better. Let me give you an example. Bride says that she loves her husband because of the way he loves his family like how all the ladies love. Huh? What? Enlighten me please.

My advice is simple. Write what you want to say. Make sure it’s good enough to the point that even you can shed a tear. Memorise those lines but not word from word. Even if the videographer ask you a question and you’re not sure if you can answer it, tell them you have something else to say on camera. Nuff said. Nobody is gonna say no.

Next advice, if you feel that you can’t come up with a good speech then try using quotes from love songs.

So please. Make your money worth something. I’m sure none of us want to sound like a buffoon right?


There’s still a few more vendors undone.

1. Gubahan – Bonito by Bob 

Price range: S$200 onwards

I love Bob’s designs. It’s unique. I realise is that he will try to cater to what you want. I know he is putting his dulang service on hold for 2015 but don’t worry Ola Lola is equally good and you never know…maybe Bob might resume back in 2016.

Some of my favourite designs.


I also booked Bob’s mini dais.


Pretty nikah dais = pretty nikah photos

2. Bridal – Ishq by Nora Zee

Price range: S$800 onwards

Nora Zee is a talented MUA. The reason why I chose her is because of her make-up skills and her exquisite dresses. I’m sure most of us want to look gorgeous but still natural looking. No one likes thick make-up and have dramatic eye make-up.

There were a few hiccup with Nora just because I didn’t read the T&Cs properly. REMEMBER GIRLS, READ YOUR T&Cs PROPERLY AND ASK AS MUCH QUESTION AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN.

Nora is strict with her T&Cs and it kinda hurt me a little. This were some of the T&Cs that I didn’t read properly:

1. No downgrading of package (I wanted to downgrade it at first cos I customise my own baju nikah)

2. No refund (I wanted to refund cos I was planning to move my wedding date but Nora and her other MUA Ilah Noorshyeight wasn’t free on that date) *sob*

Nora’s service recovery was to provide me another MUA and a free make-up trial. Of course I was a little upset that they couldn’t doll me up but I’m sure Nora has the best MUA and can be equally good as she is. I recently saw her post with new MUAs taking up professional make-up course and they’re good.

Here’s some of the pictures. Make up by Nora herself.


Here’s Ilah Noorshyeight work.


Some of her dresses she posted on FB.


3. Musician – Nobat Kota Singa

I didn’t think the music part was important but then realised that it is kinda. I checked Sri Mahligai but sadly they’re full. In fact, they’re almost full all the way til 2016. UNBELIEVABLE. You can check their schedule in their website to find out more.

Here’s my favourite song “Lancang Kuning” by Sri Mahligai.

And then I went to a wedding and enquired with Munir Band Wedding. In the end, I didn’t book them cos my sister previously use them for her wedding.

I then settled with Nobat Kota Singa, met Arman and Suryana. Arman was very easy going. They took feedback from us pretty well and was open to any suggestion. Contacting Arman was also a breeze. I sometimes had problems with other vendors when trying to contact them, they will take days to reply me back. To me, when a vendor takes a long time to reply, what makes you think they have the sense of urgency if anything happens on the wedding day. Am I right?

Here’s one of their piece.

4. Deco – Vynella Weddings

I initially booked Comel Molek  as my deco. I met uncle Lan to find out more about their deco services. The consultation took about an hour. Uncle Lan was well-prepared to answer all my queries and he provided us more information about the do’s and don’ts. We felt secure and comfortable around him. We knew we were in good hands. However, since tiffany chairs is an in-thing, I’ve been googling a lot about it. Usually it will cost about $7 per chair and if there is any promo you can get it at $5 per chair. I then came across Vynella Weddings looking at their tiffany chairs but then I realised that they had a good promo. They just started on their deco services so i know not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. It all takes risk but we gotta be prepared before we trust one.

So I met Ella the founder together with her partner. They gave us a brief details on what they foresee their deco to look like. It’s exactly what I had in mind. I won’t talk so much about how it’s gonna look like but it’s an awesome promo and on top of that, it comes with tiffany chairs so I didn’t wanna miss it. They’re gonna have a showcase soon this coming Feb to show us how the set-up is gonna look like. So that’s pretty good.

I had all my questions set for Ella and she answered it all. Sometimes, we gotta give new companies a chance. Not everyone is like Enchanted weddings if you girls ever heard of it. In my invoice, I even asked her to state her I/C number and full name just in case and she did that too.

Here’s how the promo is but I’m not sure if they’re still extending. You can enquire with Ella.


My catering is sponsored by my mum and she was reluctant to talk to us about which caterer she’s gonna use. One thing I know is that she’s gonna ask the caterer to exchange the deco to a stage for my pelamin cos the package includes the deco.

Mum wants my wedding to be at the void deck cos she wants easy access and probably variety too cos my sister got married at the CC. I have another sister, I predict she might have to marry at a different location maybe a grand one since she’s the last child. Good luck sis. Haha. I’m like the leftover. Use to it so it’s ok.

5. Henna – Syraskins

Price range: S$180 onwards

I’ve nothing much to say. She’s damn good. Nuff said.


Those note settle yet.

  • Photography/videography
  • Kompang
  • Wedding Card
  • Caterer

So what’s the wedding song?

I was in the middle of watching my korean drama when I suddenly remembered that I’ve not blogged for quite some time.

I came across a video that was shared on facebook. It was so adorable and it made me think to myself, “Whats my wedding song?” So this was the video I was talking about. Cute little girl! Geram!

Frankly speaking, I’ve already had a song in mind. I wasn’t so sure if FH likes it. To me, this song holds a strong meaning despite the short lyric. I shared the song on his FB post and he likes the video. Is that a yes then? LOL

I googled to find out more about the meaning of the song and found one who interpret it with such in depth.  It was how I felt however I couldn’t put it in such words like how this person did.

The song is called Angel by The xx. Enjoy.

Read what this person felt the song was like to him/her. It was so well written. (A blogger asked me to quote the writer who interpreted this but I can’t find it anymore. Sorry.)

This is a quote from

” It is perhaps the most straightforward and earnest declaration of love committed to song. It will be my wedding song.

I think it’s about three distinct phases of falling in love with someone.

Phase One: The Meeting
“Light reflects from your shadow
It is more than I thought could exist
You move through the room
Like breathing was easy.”

That’s about seeing someone and instantly becoming smitten with them. Their every movement is magical. And that feeling is so personal that if she could share it with you, make you understand what she alone is seeing you’d be “in love with you as I am.”

Phase Two: Getting To Know You
“And everyday
I am learning about you
The things that no one else sees
And the end comes too soon”

Spending time with someone and they share secrets and you fall for them even more and understand their deeper selves. This phase of love also has that sense of yearning, like when you spend time with someone and now it’s time to go home, or it’s 1am and you have to get off the phone. That feeling is like “dreaming of angels, and leaving without them.”

Phase Three: Reciprocity/Commitment
“And with words unspoken
A silent devotion
I know you know what I mean
And the end is unknown
But I think I’m ready
As long as you’re with me”

That’s the fear most of us have when we fall in love and are ready to commit to another person, but will it work? Will we have kids? Will we hate each other? She’s saying “We love each other, the future is scary but I’m okay to go forward as long as I love you as much as you love me.” ”


Never thought this would happen to me

Few months back, I did the most stupid thing and I would have choked a BTB. I was so excited about my MUA (because I was the last person she could slot in) that I had to instagram it. Yes, I did that and the best part was that I haven’t even deposit my downpayment yet. AWESOME. 

So yeah I was happily waiting for the day I meet the MUA for further discussion and guess what. My ex-colleague texted me and told me that a friend of hers saw my post and went straight to the MUA and sealed the deal with them.

I didn’t believe at first so I decided to text my MUA and to my dismay. SHE WAS RIGHT. I was flipping like a mad dog. OMG that was the worse feeling ever. 

Never in my entire life would I have ever though that this could happen.

But hey, I mellowed down, and thankfully, the MUA has a partner who was equally as amazing as her and booked ’em and officially made the payment! FUH!

MUA of my choice is ISHQ by Nora Zee . I seriously believe that their outfit are uh-mazing and so is the make-up. I feel very certain about their works. So, it’s a done deal.

Moral of the story to all BTBs out there. Never tell anyone your intended vendors til you seal the deal first!



Second try on BTO


Previously we applied for a BTO at Fernvale, Sengkang and it would have been great if we got it because my sister bought an EC like at least 2 mins walk from the BTO we applied for. However, luck was not on our side.

We didn’t apply for the current sales launch cos there’s no way I’ll stay far from my parents (I live in the east) and punggol is too far!

I’m so glad that the sales launch for November 2013 is opening at Hougang. HTB parents live there and Hougang is in the middle of my parents and my sister’s house. I understand that flats in Hougang are way more expensive than Sengkang or Punggol so we might want to apply for a 3-Room flat.

I’m super duper excited to apply the Hougang BTO and I gotta wait at least 2 months for it to open and then another month to find out the results. OMG this is killing me. 

We went to the Hougang site and the area is not so bad. It’s not VERY near to the interchange or Hougang Mall but at least it’s near the bus stop and HTB parents house and prolly about 5 mins walk to the interchange.

I really hope We get this flat this time round! It will be our new beginning in our own brand new flat.


Our engagement day!


It has been SO LONG since I last blogged. Work and personal life have been quite amazing. I couldn’t find time to actually sit and write the blog. So here I am, at work, since I’m kinda free I’ll make time to blog.

So actually, I got engaged on 8 September 2013 and it took me 3 weeks to announce the good news! Goodness, Aisyah.

My engagement was very simple and it all went smoothly. Alhamdulilah. The only time it should be grand is on our wedding day! Can’t wait!

The enagagement consist of his close relatives and mine. At first it was awkward but thanks to my uncle things got better. BUT its not always good all the time. Because my uncle and aunt were bombarding Haiqal to really take care of me. Fortunately, he was firm and well composed and he did not flicker even a little. I’m so proud of my fiance!

So as of now, we have decided to “ikat” for a year (As requested by mother of future btb) A year is hectic. So much to save and plan. I can’t count the amount of time we kept changing our plans! I was so kiasu I wanted to book appointments with all the suppliers this month. Well, every bride wants the best for their wedding, right?

Up til today, being engaged is the best feeling by far and to introdue Haiqal as my fiance makes me feel so proud and delighted!

To many more wonderful memories as fiance and fiancee 😉